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Henry Barajas is the co-creator, writer and letterer for El Loco and Captain Unikorn. He has also written and lettered short stories for two successful Kickstarter projects: Unite and Take Over: Stories inspired by The Smiths and Break The Walls: Comic Stories inspired by The Pixies. Barajas is a stand up comedian at Laffs Comedy Cafe and at comic book conventions across the country. He is the online editor of the Tucson Weekly, former Arizona Daily Star writer/news assistant and was nominated for the Shel Dorf Blogger of the Year award for his work at The Beat.
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The Black Friday version of Record Store Day is coming, and the official listings have now been released. Check out the full list below.

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Another Guardians of the Galaxy Groovy Groot.

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I finally made it to the Comedy Cellar.


Shiiiiiiiiiiit lol


Shiiiiiiiiiiit lol



ep 3 doodles

i just wanna draw tiny snarky lil tophs forever and ever she is so freaking perfect

drew this one back in book 3, posting because relevance



Your Toph is perfect- and your sleepy Zuko is perfect too, ha ha! Big smiles all around.

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#democracy #Boston



Tales Of Suspense #065 Cover Recreation by Bruce Timm


Tales Of Suspense #065 Cover Recreation by Bruce Timm

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I stood on the edge of earth today. And I’ll do it again.

Walked around the Goose Cove reservoir in Gloucester, MA. It’s weird to visit a place that has actual seasons.

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p.s- the Spielberg one
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I didn’t see it.