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Henry Barajas is the co-creator, writer and letterer for El Loco and Captain Unikorn. He has also written and lettered short stories for two successful Kickstarter projects: Unite and Take Over: Stories inspired by The Smiths and Break The Walls: Comic Stories inspired by The Pixies. Barajas is a stand up comedian at Laffs Comedy Cafe and at comic book conventions across the country. He is the online editor of the Tucson Weekly, former Arizona Daily Star writer/news assistant and was nominated for the Shel Dorf Blogger of the Year award for his work at The Beat.
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@thrilliod has that World Cup pose down.

It was nice to catch up and learn from @comixace. I owe a lot to her and The Beat.

That was pretty surreal. Muppets at Comic-Con?

The funniest person in comics is @thejenya. I keep telling her to try standup, but she won’t listen to me.




These two are clearly in a bunny/cat gang and no one can convince me otherwise.

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I’m going to miss my Amanda June Bug. I hope NYC is ready for you. Thanks for car, boo.


My San Diego comicon 2014 in pictures

thank you everyone.



Lee Hurley of HurleyFX is putting together an absolutely stunning Groot cosplay and hopes to have it finished by DragonCon.

In the height comparison photo, he is shown standing next to his wife, who is 5’9”.

His wife, Lauren, will be cosplaying as Gamora:

ho-ly shit

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Cheddar Bacon Stuffed Pretzel Buns


Stahp that.

*Grabs at the screen*


"You’re gonna do great today."

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This is not my beautiful house
This is not my beautiful wife

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The @fabiomoon drew my mug. Thanks, man!

We had some unusual Tucson ties. He’s a good guy. He’s a good fella.

Great to see Brian Michael Bendis.